Name: Kevin Alexander Clark
Age: 15
B-Day: December 3, 1988
Location: Highland Park, Illinois
Stuff: he plays (or has played) cello, violin, guitar and drums. He's played the drums since the age of 3. He is in his schools jazz band and advanced band.
Education: still in high school
First Professional Role: "Freddy Jones" in School of Rock
Main Professional Instrument: Drums Kevin Clark was born on December 3, 1988 in HIghland Park, Illinois. Kevin plays percussion, piano, cello, violin and guitar. He composes his own music. He started playing drums when he was 3 years old. He is now in his school's advanced jazz band. He also formed a band with a few of his closest friends. The band is called, "Blind".
HAir: Naturally blonde
Eyes: Brown eyes.
Fav Band: Green Day
Kevin has a younger sister.
He is a member of his schools jazz and advanced band.
Kevin's other stuff he liks ot do is filmmaking, baseball, basketball, skateboarding and snowboarding.
Been a drum soloist with his school concert.
Been in “Join-A-Band” groups through the Music Center of Deerfield.
Kevin is a member of Highland Park High School's concert band.
In his group Blind he usually plays drums but also plays a little guitar and bass
He can compose songs on his computer and his guitar.
Kevin started formal percussion lessons at 5th grade and has been drumming ever since.

Kevin Clark, 15, a freshman at Highland Park High School, turned up for one of several open auditions held in 10 cities in the United States and Canada. He's been playing drums since age 3 -- his childhood nickname was "Bam-Bam" -- and he currently studies with the well-known teacher and Modern Drummer magazine columnist Ed Breckenridge.

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